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May 8 2013, 07:50 PM
You know what I mean. He wants fans not caring if she takes him back. I won't give him him satisfaction. I'll just chalk it up to bad, out-of-character writing and a blatant attempt at character assassination on a beloved veteran actor. Happened before under Langan. John and Marlena will recover. I'm still on the train.

Bristen is dead, tho. No way should Brady want to take her back after that shit. They've ruined all possible growth Kristen could have made and took all sympathy points away from her (adopting with Brady, her decent scenes this week with him admitting she loved him, etc). I feel bad for all their fans on twitter and Facebook, but I'm off the Bristen train.

Still love Drake/Deidre together.

Eric Martsolf? They need to hire a new leading lady for him ASAP. A hot, sexy, younger actress to build a romantic pairing for him. He deserves it after getting shit on during this story. He's a fantastic actor and deserves a fantastic leading lady.
Honestly, in my head, John and Marlena are not currently on screen. They are off, somewhere, cuddling on their private jet, as their doubles courtesy of Stefano are wandering around Salem. It's the only explanation, because there is nothing remotely, outside of physical appearance, that resemble John and Marlena onscreen at the moment.

I still care. I hate it, but I do. I'm just so tired of J&M getting shitted on that I wanna slap a bitch. Preferably a bitch that works for Corday. Or Corday, whatever... I'm tired of writers who are lazy, and who make me want to hate my favorite characters. Yes, they're just characters, but we're all here for a reason. Because we spend time watching them. I hate the fact that instead of writing a story that pretty much writes itself, they create this shit. And they make me want to want John never to go near Marlena again.

The thing is, at the end of this... Corday will tout his "THE PLAN TO SAVE DAYS" with Deidre and Drake front and center on a magazine cover, claiming they're going "Back to the good old DAYS" and blah blah blah.

Deidre and Drake are MAGICAL together. I'm watching 1993 stuff right now, and the Plane just happened. They are MAGICAL. They are beautiful little unicorns together, and I hate this regime. More than I loathed Langan (because at least Marlena got to have some emotions, even though they came about thanks to ridiculousness) and more than I despised Hackley.
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