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May 8 2013, 08:26 PM
May 8 2013, 07:25 PM
I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Tomlin hates John and Marlena and wants them destroyed. He wants John acting in such a manner that John and Marlena fans will give up on the pairing. There's a reason why Roman had been hanging around so much while John has been wildly out of character. They want fans hating John. But nope. I refuse to give them the satisfaction of rooting for Marlena to dump him. Why? Because that's what they want to happen.
Tomlin hates John, Marlena, and Lucas, which is why we've seen bad writing for them. He wrote them off under his previous regime and probably wants to do it again. Instead of writing for vets or doing in character writing, Tomlin does plot point writing. (No wonder Peter R jumped ship when Tomlin returned!) John is unrecognizable. Lucas suddenly became homophobic as angst for WilSon last Fall and was also used as angst for Dannifer.
Other examples of character changes for story purposes: Chad turning psycho and then after the wedding reveal, he changed back to normal Chad. Nick returned homophobic and I assume after the birth of Arianna, we'll see Nick change back to normal Nick. Gabi was supportive of Will giving up his rights last Fall, but now she's all about Will being involved in his baby's life. Will being passive & okay w/ giving up his baby, but now fighting? EJ going to Justin for help with taking down Stefano. Nicole working as a secretary for a Church. Abigail as a virgin.
TomSell write the stories and change characters' personalities to fit the story. Not for all characters, but it's been noticeable for quite a few.
Tomlin also keeps introducing new characters and bringing in his own actors.
But anyways, yes I agree that Tomlin is writing John out of character and like a jerk on purpose.
It's been official, but it's time for me to just say it.....Tomlin is a hack. We all know it. He's just getting by on a couple of presentable stories at this point.

MarDar were boring.....Higley was a hack.....and could go back forever but this show hasn't had a really good writer in over a decade so why can anyone be surprised.

Reckell may have jumped ship over them. Remember, Lisa Rinna was on canvas then. He probably would rather leave than get the backlash of that merry-go-round again. It's just as out of character to leave him out of town, and keep his family dangling in the balance...Kill him off and give him a good Days funeral. It would make for greater shock value if he ever decides to return.

As for John and Marlena......sigh. Of ALL the people John could EVER bed, this is the one most unforgivable. Will they reunite? Inevitably, but hopefully not quickly.

AND FOR YOU TOMLIN: I have watched this show for DECADES and one thing I know is Corday, for all his faults, he gets trigger happy when jealous. GH is getting the acclaim right now and is beating Days in the ratings. Corday won't stand by forever without some sort of press, and the first people he fires.....the writers. It happens time and time again..
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