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No way am I giving up on J&M either. Shitty writing isn't going to make me give up, and I'm watching the '92 storyline - Isabella just died in John's arms...next up? The Pit. Where it all began. Well, continued. J&M should be the foundation couple of Salem right now - the couple the others who are struggling - look to for advice on relationships, marriage and how to get out of a giant frickin birdcage under the streets of Paris. You know, the usual daily BS.

I do hope you're right, Daysfanatic79 - these writers need to be replaced & if they could find someone with the ability to take the next 3 months of canned bullshit they have & throw it in the ditch then torch it, so much the better. I just hope that since Tomlin's one-year is going to be up fairly soon, Corday starts shopping now & doesn't wait till the last minute to find some schlep. He needs someone who knows the history of the show, the characters & the storylines that made this show what it once was. I'd also say that they'd be well-advised to ask the vets what they'd like to see happen to/with/for their characters & let the actors & actresses give some direction to the future of the show. It'd be cool to have Deidre & Drake actually write John & Marlenas next set of wedding vows - put them in character & let them just talk from their hearts. No rehearsals together either - just let it flow & let the emotion spill onto the screen. It could be amazing! Just my never-to-be-humble opinion, of course.
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