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Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Jen and JJ hug, happy to see each other. Jen - It's 3 weeks until your semester is over. Why aren't you in school? JJ - All of my exams were take home essays. I knocked those out early; there was no reason to hang around. I came home to surprise you. Jen - I am surprised but your teachers are okay, right? JJ - Of course. Maybe I'm the one who should be worried. It's just not your usual look Mom, what have you been up to?

Nick is working on his laptop when Vargas closes it and sits down. Nick - We shouldn't be seen together Vargas. Vargas - Why not? Mamacita knows we're old buddies. Nick - It's not smart. You don't want people asking questions about what we're doing. Vargas - I've got a lot of questions. How's my money doing Nicky. Cue fb of search for money.

Will is with Gabi in the Kiriakis living room. He brought over a dashboard for the baby. Gabi points out she won't be able to operate this thing until she's at least a year old. Will knows but it's a limited edition at a great deal; he couldn't miss out on it. Gabi - Are you worried that you're not going to be around when she's a year old, is that it? Will - No. Gabi - Nick's not going to keep you away. Will - No, he won't. Gabi - You're starting to believe that. What's changed?

When Sami says Stefano wants her to bring the evidence to the house Bernardi continues to play dumb. What evidence?

Brady comes down the stairs at the Di mansion and asks EJ if he's seen Kristen. EJ just walked in the door; he hasn't seen anyone. Brady - Your Dad said she came home but he has no idea where she is. I need to find her. Her car's in the driveway. Do you have any idea where she might be. Brady curses when Kristen doesn't answer her cell. EJ - Goodness, you seem more unhinged than usual. Please don't tell me there's trouble in paradise. Brady - Stop smirking. Everything's fine. EJ - I'm sure it is. I hope my sister hasn't come to her senses and done a run. Brady - You're hilarious. EJ - Wedding is still on then? Brady - Yes. EJ - Splendid, can't wait.

Kristen asks John what he's doing here. John - I think it's time that you and I finish what we started, don't you? Kristen - I don't want to play. John - It's not a game. Kristen - How the hell did you get in here? John holds up a key. Everyone's got a price and this didn't come cheap. Kristen - Whoever sold you that key, are they aware of what could happen to them if my Father found out? You need to leave. Security is going to be making their rounds and as much as I'd love to see you hauled out of here ... John - It's not going to happen. Security is not going to be down here for an hour and 58 mins. Yeah, I also have a schedule for everyone who works in this mausoleum so we've got plenty of time. And once I saw you come down to this room ... Kristen - You're spying on me. John - Here we are. Kristen - I really want to be alone. Please get out. John - Is that what you really want. Kristen - Yes. You don't get it. This is over. I'm done. I'm finally, finally done.

Segment 2: Sami grabs the cop's arm when he turns to leave. Stefano wants me to take this. He sent me. Bernardi - I don't understand why you keep mentioning ... Sami - Stefano DiMera does not want to be seen with you in public so he sent me so I can bring it into the house without suspicion. Bernardi - I don't know what it you're talking about. Sami - The evidence. It's in your backpack. Bernardi - Ma'am, with all due respect, you're nuts. I don't know Stefano DiMera. I work for the Salem PD and your Dad. I'd never do anything for criminal scum like DiMera. He walks away, Sami chases him.

Jen - What, you don't like my outfit? JJ - No, it's good. You just look a little frazzled. Jen - I just have a lot going on these days. JJ asks if that Anne woman is still doggin' her. Jen - She tries but I think I have her backed off for a while. It's not just my job. When I was talking to you on the phone last you were rushed and I'm not sure I was clear. JJ - About what? Jen - About how important it's become and it's kind of a big deal ... Abby comes home and gives her brother a hug.

Vargas - What's going on with my money? Nick - I'm trying to build up your capital. Like I said it's going to take time to find the right opportunities. Vargas - But you're on it. Nick - Yeah. Vargas - Okay, that wasn't so hard, was it? I realise you're not a magician. I just want to know that it's a priority and I haven't been reassured lately. How come I have the feeling there's something you're not telling me here. Nick - Because there is.

Gabi - You're excited about Arianna in a way I've never seen before. Will - It's just getting closer. Does it feel real to you? Gabi - It's a little different. We're getting so close to meeting her and please don't be worried about being in her life because you are going to be in her life because that's what I want. And Nick is not going to keep you away. Will - I know that. Everything is going to work out fine.

Sami chases Bernardi stomping through the square and corners him in the park. You do not want to tick off Stefano DiMera. Bernardi - I'm trying to be nice out of respect for the Commissioner ... Sami - If you don't give me that evidence Stefano is going to come asking you why. Bernardi - I don't know Stefano. Sami - You think I'm wearing a mic, is that what this is about? This is not a trick. Bernardi - For the last time I'm telling you ... Sami - You met Stefano here. I know you did. You met in this exact spot and he instructed you to get that evidence. I know. I was here. I saw the whole thing. Bernardi - If that's true then you heard I'm supposed to bring the evidence straight to him, no cut-outs. Sami - The plan changed. Bernardi pulls out his phone. Sami - What are you doing? Bernardi - Calling Mr. DiMera.

Segment 3: Jen goes upstairs to change. Abby - You look a lot better than the last time I seen you. JJ - Dad's funeral. I don't remember anything that happened that week; it's a total blur. A lot's changed since then. When Abby asks why he's home early he tells her the same thing he told Jen. Abby - Don't even. What's really going on?

Gabi and Will talk about Gabi's pregancy and her cravings. Will - Weirdest combo, go ... Gabi - Tamales and cookie dough frozen yogurt. Will - Eww! You didn't eat that together. She did. Will - No one would sell you that stuff together. She tells him the places Nick went to pick them up for her. Will - So he looks out for you? Gabi - Definitely. Will - So you two are happy? Gabi - Sure, for the most part everything is great. Will - For the most part. Gabi - Nick's stressed at work. He can deal, it's not a big deal. I'm late to meet up with him. I'll walk you to the door.

Sami grabs the phone. Stefano is in a very important meeting and he does not want to be disturbed. Bernardi - Geez lady, look, I know Stefano didn't send you. I don't know what your angle is but this is suicide for you. You don't mess with the DiMera's. Sami - Please listen to me. I can make this worth your while.

Dan is with Maggie near the nurse's station. Maggie hates to ask him for a favour when he's so busy. It's about Brady. You know he's not speaking to most of his family because of Kristen. Dan knows. Maggie - It's a lot of stress for someone in recovery. I'm worried about him slipping. He's convinced himself that he can have a couple of drinks with Kristen and it's not a problem for him. Dan - You're his sponsor, talk to him. Maggie - I would if I thought he would hear it. He knows I don't approve of the drinks and Kristen. Dan - You want me to talk to him. Maggie - Check in with him. Make sure he's coping with everything. Ever since he's gotten involved with Kristen ... Dan - I don't think Kristen is the problem.

Kristen - Why are you still here? John - You know why. Too much between us. You can't just say that it's over and make it so. Kristen - I can say that. Your ego is so huge ... John - I don't know what you want. Kristen - No, you don't know what I want. You don't know what I'm feeling. John - Okay then why don't you tell me. Kristen - I want to be free of the past. I want to get rid of these strings that are attached to my neck and pulling me backwards and making me feel controlled. And I'm wallowing constantly in what I've lost in my life. John - And that's why you came down here. Kristen - Your son is so wonderful and he's so loving. He's such a beautiful human being. He deserves only the best from the people around him. What's happening between you and me is not fair too him and that's why it has to end. John - What ends? What are you trying to say? Kristen - I just want to make it clean. I want to make things right. I want it to be clean ... she looks in a box with a lot of her wedding stuff ... John - And? Kristen - I want what I've been dreaming about for years. I want my happy ending.

Segment 4: JJ insists nothing is going on. Abby doesn't buy it. JJ - I just got home and I'm really jetlagged so can I get a one day reprieve on this big sister thing. Abby - Fine, one day. JJ - So Cameron. Abby can't wait for him to meet him. He's such a good guy. JJ - You deserve that. Abby - We all do. You, me and mom. Things are getting better not just for me and Cameron but mom too. She's really happy with Daniel.

Nick - I'm getting squeezed from every direction. I've got a witch of a control freak boss who expects 18 hr days; a wife with a baby that is due ... Vargas - None of that is my problem. Nick - It will be if you push me. I want to make good decisions with your money. Vargas - Smart move. Nick - Well that takes a clear head and a little oxygen. So give me some time, it will be worth your while. Vargas - Fine but not too long Nicky. I'm not a patient man and I hate excuses. Gabi walks up. Is everything okay?

EJ is at the pub when Will comes in. Any news? EJ - Not yet. Will - I thought Stefano's guy was going to get the evidence really soon at least that's what mom said. EJ - I'm meeting your mother here so why don't you wait. We'll find out when she gets here. Will sits down. EJ - Relax. We're going to make sure this turns out alright. Your mother told me you're worried. Will - Of course I'm worried. My mom is handling it. EJ - She is. Will - I still feel better that you're involved. EJ - Always. It was good of you to let your mother take care of this for you. It let her know you trust her, at least allow her the chance to make it up. Will - Kind of like you're doing with Stefano. EJ - I wouldn't compare your mother to my father. Will - No, not even when I was the most angry with her. Now that I think about it though there are definitely some similarities. EJ - If you ever decide to mention that to your mother give me a head's up so I can get a headstart out the door. Will - I'm kind of being serious though. I never thought I could trust Mom and I definitely never thought I could trust Stefano but he's coming through for me and so is Mom.

Sami offers Bernardi the money she stole from Nick. Give me the backpack and it's all yours. Bernardi - And I'd be dead before I could spend a dime. Sami - This is important Joe. You have no idea how important. I need that evidence. Joe - You think I'm going to double cross Stefano DiMera, really! Sami tries to get the backpack from him. She jumps on his back. He calls her a crazy bitch. He dumps her on the bench and takes off running. Sami picks up the stolen money and starts uttering threats. You are going to be sorry you crossed me.

Brady comes back into the living room via the terrace. Where the hell is she. The doorbell rings. It's Daniel. Do you have a minute? Brady - Bad time, no I don't. Dan - Make time, this is important.

John - And what does your happy ending look like? Kristen - Do you recognise any of the things down here John? John - Should I? Kristen - Yeah. They were from our wedding. Here's the veil, the candle. All down here gathering dust for the last 15 years. She pulls out a string of pearls. My mother wore these on her wedding day. I was supposed to wear it on mine but I never did. John - What about when you married Tony? Kristen - No, that wasn't a real marriage. I was saving this for the right marriage and for the right man. It was supposed to be you. John - Are you going to wear it when you marry Brady? Kristen - No. I'm going to wear this. Jennifer lent it to me. It's supposed to symobolize new beginnings. John - Well, it's something borrowed. Kristen - And it's blue. It's kind of weird. It reminded me of all the stuff down here, all the things that never happened for me. All the things I missed. John - Everything you just said you wanted to be free from. Kristen - I did say that, didn't I? Maybe the past hasn't let go of me after all. Maybe it never will.

Segment 5: Abby - Daniel's a really good guy. You're going to like him, trust me. JJ - Good. Are you going to show me around town? Jen - Can you give JJ and me a minute. I want to talk to him alone.

Vargas - You two have a good afternoon. He leaves. Gabi - That guy is so creepy. I don't think I like you talking to him. Nick - He's just trying to get settled on the outside. It's hard for a lot of guys. Gabi - For good reason. Nick - Yeah. It's a small town though. I'm going to see him around. Gabi - Please for me and Arianna can you try and stay away from him. Nick - I'll do what I can.

Will - Do you remember the first time you saw Johnny? EJ - Every second. There was considerable effort expended to keep me away from Johnny when he was born but when I finally had the chance, your mother put him in my arms and it was like the entire room just melted away. The only thing I could hear was his breathing. I knew what mattered, what my job was and that was to keep him safe from that minute. Will - You were a Dad. Were you scared at the time? EJ - No I was enthralled. 10 mins later I was terrified. I didn't know how to be a good father. I didn't know how to be a good anything. Will - You were, you became a great Dad. EJ - You should take heart in that. I had further to go in that then you do. Will - You don't know that. EJ - I do. You're a great brother. You'll be a fantastic father. You will love your daughter just the way Samantha loves you. She'll do anything for you, you know that. Will - You are selling her hard today. EJ - She loves fiercely which has it's hazards. You could do a lot worse in a parent. Will - Maybe. Let's hope I'm not too much like Mom though. Sami stomps up upside the pub and then gathers herself and goes in. Will - Is it done? Is the evidence destroyed?

Dan - I'm concerned about you. Brady - I'm fine. I'm just in the middle of ... Dan - And I'm not the only one. When I saw you earlier in the square today I was already worried but now .. what is it? Stress, the family coming down on you ... Brady - What is this? Is this Maggie having you check up on me? Dan - I told her I'd talk to you. Brady - I'm not using drugs. Dan - Don't be mad at her for caring about you. Brady - I'm not. Dan - You've been walking around all day mad ... Brady - Don't I have a right to be mad? Dan - Even if you did ... Brady rants about his Dad. He's running around town trying to break up my relationship with Kristen. You don't even know about the damage he's already done. He tries it again he's going to pay.

John - I know what you mean. Kristen - Do you? John - It kind of sneaks up on you, doesn't it? Moving forward with your life, everything is going fine, all is forgotten. All of a sudden you find something. It could be a box of pictures, an old jersey, just some piece of a good time and all those memories just come flooding back. Kristen - John. This is the room I kept Marlena prisoner in. Who knows how long I would have kept her here after we were supposed to be married. That's how far it went with me. So do you really think you could find some stupid little league jersey and it's all going to be wiped away. John - No because that's not the way it is.

Segment 6: JJ - Is something wrong? Jen - Yeah. I emailed your school to find out why they didn't tell me you were coming home early and their reply was puzzling. JJ - Don't be mad at them Mom. I told them I wanted to surprise you. Jen - Is there something else that you want to tell me.

Sami - I haven't heard anything yet but there's no reason to worry. It's Stefano DiMera we're talking about. He gets what he wants. It's going to happen. Will - Soon? Sami - Very! Will - As much as I want to rip the agreement up and throw it in Nick's face tomorrow, I think I'll wait. Sami - I agree. There's no reason to rush. Will - At least until the baby is born because I don't want Nick to freak out and stress Gabi out. I don't want to make it any tougher on her than it has to be. EJ - Are things difficult for her at the moment? Will - Yeah. It's tense. Gabi says Nick is under a lot of pressure at work but I feel there's something else going on.

Gabi asks Nick if he wants to go shopping. Today is changing tables and layettes. Nick - I'm still so bogged down with stuff Kate wanted yesterday. Is there any way you can go without me? I'm sorry. Text me pictures. It will kind of be like I'm there. Gabi - Will came by with a present for Arianna. He's really looking forward to being a dad. Nick - Good for him. Gabi - Really? Nick - Yeah. Gabi - I hope you mean that. She kisses him and leaves.

Sami asks Will if he's said hi to Grandma. Will goes to see her. EJ - What happened? Sami - Epic, epic fail. EJ - Did he get the evidence? Sami - Oh he had no trouble getting the evidence. He smuggled it out in his backpack. EJ - But. Sami - He wouldn't hand it over to me. I tried everything. EJ - Treading lightly the entire time right because anything else would be a complete ... Sami - I understand that. By the time I finally got him to admit that he really does work for Stefano it was clear to him that Stefano did not send me. And at that point there was not a tremendous amount of room for subtlety. EJ - Would you mind telling what it was exactly that you did. Sami - Well at one point I offered him Nick's 30 thousand dollars. EJ - We need to clean out that purse. Did he call Stefano? Sami - I stopped him from doing that but I know that I just bought us a little bit of time. EJ - You do know that he has to report back to him. Sami - What's he going to say? Any version of that story makes him seem utterly incompetent so maybe he won't tell him. EJ - Maybe! We can't count on that. What happens if he does tell Stefano? Sami - Stefano will be livid. I'll come up with a story. EJ - It's just not that easy. Sami - I'm good at cover stories. I'll come up with something. EJ gets a call has he to take. Sami is going to run an errand. EJ - Please try to not get in any trouble.

Harold comes in to dust but sees someone in the room. He'll come back later. Brady asks if he seen Kristen. Harold - Yes. She asked for the keys to the old wine cellar. Brady - Why would she want to go down there? Harold - Some items from her previous wedding are stored down there. Brady - I see. Thank you. Dan - This place freaks me out. I'm out of here. You go find Kristen. Brady - Thanks. Dan - Really? I'm on your side. Brady - I know you are. I just wish everybody else was.

John - I'm never going to forget what you've done to me and Marlena but I'll be honest with you. You made me look closely at my actions back then. Kristen - Really? John - I wasn't innocent. I can see that now. It's kind of easy being a Monday morning quarterback after all this time but I should have been honest with you and myself about my feelings for Marlena. I was trying to damn hard to believe that I was over her that I doubled down on you and that wasn't fair. For what it's worth, at the time, I wanted it to be true. I wanted to be over her. Kristen - Well forget that. She's the love of your life. She always has been and she always will be. John - Things change. Feelings change, you know that. Kristen - So now that I'm involved with Brady you probably hate me more than ever. John - Don't, don't ... I don't hate you Kristen. Kristen - Then what. John - Good question. My feelings for you, they're complicated.

Segment 7: JJ - No, there's nothing else to tell. Jen gets a call. I'm going to take this upstairs. You stay right here. I'll be right back. The doorbell rings. JJ answers it. It's Daniel. JJ, wow, you look a lot like you're pictures. I'm ... JJ - I know who you are.

EJ is on his cell in the pub - So the certificates were filed? Good work Justin. We've never done business there so my father's not going to know where to look. I think we're on schedule. I'll be in touch. Will is on his cell. Yeah Rafe, I have some time. I'll be at the pub. Come over. He looks around. Where did everyone go?

Sami is in the park practicing what she's going to say to Stefano. Someone puts their hand over her mouth.

Kristen - I guess complicated is better then sheer hatred, isn't it? You can see yourself out. I'll give you 10 mins ... She opens the door, John closes it. She turns in his arms. There's a knock on the door. It's Brady. Kristen, are you in there?
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