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LuvingLumi I totally agree with your comparison between Days and GH. I too watched Days for years till Lante got me hooked on GH and am now sadly a lapsed Days viewer. I'll periodically check in on Days but every time I do I can't stay with it.

I loved the scene yesterday with Tony Geary and Maura West. You got the sense watching that you are seeing two solid A-game soap actors, and this is coming from someone who has never seen West's previous work. I was surprised to see Morgan come down the stairs. Man oh man if he is really involved with Frano's daughter, the shit is going to hit the fan with his family, especially those who know of Michael's rape in prison. If they are also going to go with Michael being attracted to her, I can see Ron's writing a similar story as the AJ/Jason/Keesha triangle.
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