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I think this is exactly what the deal was.

It's not as if EJ and Will's friendship has happened overnight. They were shown to grow closer during the year or so that Will was working for EJ. EJ mentioned the other day that his previous conversation with Will had gone well and Sami agreed. Will certainly showed his loyalty to EJ during the Daysaster stuff. Will has had at least one conversation with Lucas about the impact of becoming a father (a really, really well done scene as I recall). I don't think it's realistic that a young man would have conversations about fatherhood with just their own Dad - and I also like the aspect that Will knows what a shit EJ was when he became a father. So it makes sense that he'd be curious to hear the impact it had on EJ - and how quickly it happened.

I do think they are missing a lot of subtext by keeping Lucas so far removed from the story and it's a shame. But I don't think it's being done in order to insert EJ into the story. I'm not sure it would make any difference at all if EJ were there or not - Lucas likely would still not be featured.
yes was over night in 2012 will work for few episodes for ej

that last episode with ej with before lucas ej treat will like that
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but in first episode of will with ej after lucas came back will said ej was there for him while lucas was not at time i thought will was playing ej but every episodes after prove will was not playing ej he meant it every words
The scene where EJ was upset about Will's admission of being involved in the break up of his marriage never bothered me. It's not as if Will was a child - he was a grown man, working for EJ and he knew EJ had a right to be angry. That altercation didn't make the fact that EJ had been there for him prior to that any less true. I thought it was great that Will recognized it for what it was and didn't let it color his overall opinion.
That altercation might not have made it untrue but the fact that it was untrue made it untrue.
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