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May 9 2013, 12:09 PM
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but in first episode of will with ej after lucas came back will said ej was there for him while lucas was not at time i thought will was playing ej but every episodes after prove will was not playing ej he meant it every words
The scene where EJ was upset about Will's admission of being involved in the break up of his marriage never bothered me. It's not as if Will was a child - he was a grown man, working for EJ and he knew EJ had a right to be angry. That altercation didn't make the fact that EJ had been there for him prior to that any less true. I thought it was great that Will recognized it for what it was and didn't let it color his overall opinion.
That altercation might not have made it untrue but the fact that it was untrue made it untrue.
You mean untrue that EJ had been there when Lucas wasn't? I can't swear to the timeline - but hadn't EJ already started helping Will with the process of coming to terms with being gay before Lucas came back from Hong Kong?
For a few weeks, yes.
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