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Sweet and Salty

May 9 2013, 07:55 AM
May 8 2013, 07:33 PM
The Room Stops
May 8 2013, 01:01 PM
May 8 2013, 12:57 PM

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Exactly. They aren't telling the story based on what happened. They are choosing to pick some little things and then just bullshitting the rest to tell it.

That story is one of the most loved stories in Daytime. Yes, it was camp as hell, but people LOVED it. There's no need to write anything all over, because there's so much to go on already.

New viewers are being told Kristen's side, while Marlena, minus a few scenes, has just being standing there and taken it when people have told her she's wrong. And nobody's really telling Kristen "Yeah, that ain't what happened". Which makes for a boring story IMO.
They've been doing the same thing with EJ and Lucas.

EJ was kept away from Johnny because of rape, torture, and terrorism, which is being completely glossed over. Making it almost seem like everything was just a hilarious misunderstanding and he was really father of the year. His situation does not match Will's.

When Lucas first came back EJ accused him of being a dead-beat dad who abandoned his children. No one corrected him. Those of us who've watched the show for years know that's not true, newer viewers don't.

These daddy-bonding scenes between Will and EJ while Lucas is no where to be seen are complete bullshit
That Ejill convo was one that Will should have been having with his father, Lucas; the fact that it was with Ej was pure bullshit.
He's gonna be his stepdad, granted. He should have a civil and adult relationship with him. EJ's doing him a "favor" and so on, but YES; he should be having more scenes with Dad!!! But so should most kids. Even at his age. Soap world and real world are neither one perfect. But I LOVE Lucas as a character and he's such a plus to the soap IMO! And that's strictly my preference!
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