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May 8 2013, 10:56 AM
I still can't figure out why Josh Kelly was brought aboard. The guy certainly never attended any acting classes in the 15-months the show was off the air/internet.

If they wanted to re-recruit some male eye candy, why couldn't they have brought back Austin Peck. Yes, I know he is no Marlon Brando in the acting department either but he does have 18 years of soap experience. That's 17 years more than Kelly.
It's all about Josh Kelly's twinkle in his eye when he's dancing with the Natalie character in the opening. I could rewind and play that and rewind and play that all day. JK is television/internet magic. I just don't think Austin Peck could pull that off in the opening. That twinkle immediately draws you in. It's magical in and of itself.

More important, however, is that he is a true American hero, having served some tours in Afghanistan and even being injured during his service. We should all pay him a certain amount of respect. (And let's see Peck do that!)
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