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Sammie Jo
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May 7 2013, 11:42 PM
May 7 2013, 10:29 PM
Lauren didn't just cheat on Michael once in a moment of grief or emotional turmoil, the bitch has repeatedly gone behind Michael's back as she moved back in and claimed to choose him and the marriage. That bitch doesn't deserve forgiveness. Paul is acting like she can just choose the marriage "again" and work on saving it. What the hell is he talking about? How do you forgive your wife for screwing the sleezy barman and sneaking off for sex while your husband thinks your trying to work on the marriage?

That bitch needs to be toast.

Lauren wanted to have he cake and eat it too. She was fine when Micheal was siting at home waiting on her while she was with Carmine. When he left, she went into a panic mode. Lauren wants to end her marriage to Michael because she believes he at fault. Lauren will keep seeing Carmine because it makes her appear innocent and blameless in the mirror. Lauren is nothing but a B*B version of Brooke :shrug:
I don't think Lauren really believe's it's Mikey's fault, she's just using that as an excuse to boink carmine.
My satellite went out just when Mikey turned the table upside down, I was hoping he'd throw lauren out the window, but I guess that didn't happen. :huh:
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