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They need to balance out the good and the bad.
In the days when days was interesting bad things happened to good people.
Eg zack getting run over and it was final and it didn't get all made better in a couple of months.
Example now hope getting out of jail after two months for bumping those guys off. She should have been in jail longer and dealt with more long term consequences. Not here you are back on the force.

Still I guess I shouldn't complain I'm glad Nicole's record got expunged.

But there needs to be more of a mix up of good things happening to those considered bad and bad things happening to those considered good. There's no point getting invested now because the consequences for some never seem to last long.

Hope didn't really "get out of jail" after 2 months (& it was actually 4-5 months, since Hope's sentencing was in August, & Bo didn't break her out until Christmas). Hope uncovered illegal activities going on in the prison which forced Bo to break her out. She didn't return to prison as a type of "reward" for helping to uncover the illegal organ donation scam going on. I do think that Hope getting the charges cleared so she could be a cop again happened too fast though. (at least it wasn't "you're out of jail. here's your badge".) I would've loved to have seen Hope have to find an alternative career - a counselor would've been perfect, especially since Marlena wasn't in Salem at the time. Plus, Hope connected to the young girl in the prison (who was then killed for her organs).
Hope at least served time for her crimes, which she didn't even commit willingly or knowingly. Sami didn't serve any jail time for shooting EJ in the head, and she knew full well what she was doing.
I didn't mean I wanted hope to languish in jail

I just think the character are more interesting when they have more long term issues to overcome.

I would much prefer to see hope in jail dealing with being separated from her daughter having to forge a new career when she finally got out than hey presto life back to normal off to book club for you.

If Marlena just takes John back and everything instantly goes back to strawberries and cream in the penthouse I will be seriously thinking about starting up my own organ transplanting circle.

New brains for those in charge will be top of the agenda
we saw Hope missing Ciara & being overjoyed when Bo brought her to visit Hope. It was also Hope who had told Bo that she didn't want Ciara coming in the first place. Remember that Hope felt guilty because she had accused Ciara of making up stories & lies when Ciara was actually telling the truth, it's just that Hope didn't remember because it was NT Hope telling these things to Ciara. We saw the picture of Ciara Hope had in her cell. When Bo broke Hope out, we saw Hope having that dream about seeing Ciara. After the organ donation ring members had been arrested, we heard Hope say that she didn't mind going back to prison. It was saying goodbye to Ciara and being away from her again that would be the hardest.
IMO, while there could've been more focus on the prison/organ storyline (i.e., have it be a more major storyline), Higley actually did a half decent job of it - Hope beating herself up over what happened, feeling guilty about Ciara, Bo not being able to not be the #1 person in charge of making sure Hope was safe, the code in the letter (a nod to Larry/Hope circa 2002), Bo not giving a damn about his job & risking everything to rescue Hope, etc. Even the resolution scenes in the PD station were well done. (though the Carly/Bo break-up part 2 episode still puzzles me - i blame Tomlin for the way it was played out on screen)
Even the post-storyline of Hope not wanting to just jump right back into bed with Bo & wanting to take things slow so they got them right.

If John doesn't actually sleep with Kristen (I can't remember if there's an actual spoiler that says they do sleep together), then there's really no reason why Marlena can't take him back. I don't think a John/Marlena reunion will happen any time soon though. Tomlin is anti-supercouple.

(i have a feeling that if it were up to him, he would've kept Bo with Carly for as long as possible. you could see from after Bo's return from LA that things were changing & that Bo & Carly would "soon" come to an end, & i'm betting someone had stepped in & told Tomlin/Higley to start putting Bo & Hope back together.)
"Tomlin is anti-supercouple." well that is abundantly clear.

onto "there's really no reason why Marlena can't take him back".
Except he's shown a complete lack of trust and respect for her.
Seriously by this point in their relationship he should have more faith in her.
She should know she's up to the challenge of beating down Kristen,
She's not some delicate little flower who needs to be "protected".

And what he's doing to her, making her think she's lost the love of her life, is a zillion times worse than any danger they would face facing off to Kristen.

Girl can't even pay off a mugger successfully, and she's only just got Brady fooled , there;s a high chance she's going to be taken down by and eight year old...I'm not seeing her as a huge threat to Marlena's safety.

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