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I think it's time to move on from American Idol.

"Refresh" after "refresh" after "refresh" tells the audience your product isn't good and you need to change it. If they maybe stopped the judges roulette, if they stopped going after artists who only want to make a NICE chunk of change and appear for one year and then move on.

TBH, I took a break and have become a little more refreshed with Idol but so much needs to change. The fact that they so badly drug out the results show a few weeks back (the "Where's Ryan?" segment was PAINFUL).

I like all of these judges individually but they don't mesh. Nikki and Mariah despise each other. I think Keith could probably stay. I'm done with Randy. Mariah was nice to see but meh to her judging. It was all about her. I know she has a lot of the press hating on her but honestly, Nicki was probably my favorite addition in years to this judges panel. Hands down. She spoke the truth and didn't care but you knew she cared about them. I think she gets a bad rap on Idol, TBH, but to each their own. I'd be fine with Nicki and Keith sticking around. I kinda like their little interaction next to each other. Frankly, Mariah is kinda the weakest link.
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