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Once you get into late March and beyond, TV ratings are generally in trouble especially if warmer weather hits early in some big markets. Sometimes some shows see an increase here or there but, generally, it's rough ratings all the way through to September. While primetime deals with this heavily, daytime deals with it it as well although I would argue primetime sees more dramatic ratings dips since many of the soaps have dropped to the point ratings-wise where they won't dropoff much more than they have.

These numbers for the soaps are typical. It happens like this every year. You see erosion in ratings begin in March and there are some fluctuations but what you see is what you'll get most of the time through summer. May sweeps will bring some increases for a week or two but the soaps won't much in the way of sustained ratings increases until the prime ratings period begins in September. It sucks because summer used to be huge for soaps ratings-wise. They used to attract those out of school and work and such but not anymore, sadly. All the soaps can do is hope they hold on and stay close to these numbers.

I'm very worried about GH especially. They've lost pretty much everything they've gained and, really, outside of the boost they got for 2 weeks from the Nurse's Ball which was heavily hyped they've seen no other real big boost outside of late December/January which is a period where all soaps gain big anyway no matter what. They spent a lot of money and if GH can't hold up to at least around these numbers the next few months, I'm worried about what ABC may do. I don't trust them at all, especially with the PP lawsuit and all. One thing is for sure. They will probably stop the parade of returns GH has going.
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