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I'm not feeling Kristen's plan. So before anything further happened I'd have her press pause on the whole deal and focus more on demolishing Marlena's family, taking away her kids the way Marlena took away Kristen's (in Kristen's mind).

She's already hurt the Brady/Marlena relationship. I'd have her really bond with and manipulate Sami (all while snarking behind Sami's back, because behind-the-back snark is 75% of what makes Kristen awesome, imho) while planning some kind of tacky-ass double wedding.

Then I'd have her start to bond with Eric, all while Nicole is watching, lurking in the background, to set up a fun Kristen-Nicole rivalry for down the road.

Marlena wouldn't passively sit back and let Kristen do her thing, but her counter-plots would always backfire (sort of like they did in the beginning).

I'd leave Marlena with only Will and John (I'd send him off on business for awhile, to return being a bit more normal) to really talk to- Sami, Brady, and Eric would all be Team Kristen. I'd have her attempt to contact Belle to find her missing, setting up an adventure to locate the missing Belle Black.

I dunno. Maybe it's watching "Game of Thrones," or even the sci-fi show "Defiance" but I feel like Kristen could be a much better manipulator, with grander, more elaborate schemes. Marlena could step up a bit, too, and it'd still be fun television.
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