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Viewing Single Post From: American Idol firing all 4 judges
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Streetcorner Philosopher

I watched Kelly as a judge/mentor on Duets. I don't think she'd work for that purpose. She's too nice, imho.

Babyface...why Babyface? I'm a bit sketchy about him because of all the artists on LaFace records who sold millions and wound up bankrupt at some point. And I think I read he was working with the Kardashians on something, which is almost worse imho.

I'd rather they give up on celebrities and go back to the original format-a has-been, a record exec, and a who-the-fuck-are-you. Still, I think the judges are the least of the show's issues.

Also, even though ratings are down the show isn't exactly out of hit territory, right, when taken in context. It's kinda funny, all the talk about retiring it, rehabbing it, when I think a lot of shows would love their ratings, and all of network tv is down from everything I've read. I'm not even sure AI is down anything significant, percentage-wise, when compared to others.
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