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LOL love how people on twitter are saying TJ can beat Rafe's ass because he's from the ghetto. TJ isn't badass at all.

OMFG That ending was so damn unpredictable! lmao RC needs some new tricks.

This episode wasn't too bad, but wasn't too good either. First live episode I've seen in a long time since I'm not home.

Carly made LOL with the Emma comment and Tracy with the Cassadine comment.

I hope Morgan isn't a boring teenager like Michael, Rafe is. He's [!@#$%^&*] half Sonny/Carly and if he starts acting all serious like Michael i'm gonna be pissed .

Elizabeth :wub2: Id blame Nikolas, I would've done the same thing.

RC is so damn cheesy, I can't stand it! They "happen" to pass out?!? TF!

Also, loved all the Sam/Rafe and Sam/Carly scenes today! RC will probably make them become friends like Viki/Dorian, Blair/Tea though..
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