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Sweet and Salty
May 10 2013, 08:15 AM
May 9 2013, 11:46 PM
I have to say, though, I am SICK of seeing wimpy! Marlena. Marlena is not a weak, teary, person who would be crying passively over John or any man. The real Marlena is a strong, smart, funny, feisty person who would be up in someone's face demanding answers.

I want active, ass-kicking, Marlena back - not this wimpy pod-person. The writers just have her react to stupid plot-points, instead of writing her as a three-dimensional person with a STORY. I want lots of Marlena action, storyline, and dialogue...not wimpily reacting to whatever someone says to her.

The real Marlena would have gotten in John's face about his plan and would be actively working to take Kristen down and save her family. Bring her back!
I do agree with the description of the Marena Character, but she is truly in love with John. A broken heart hurts. It's not like their writing her as Jen Jen....falling to the floor. She got composure. She's coming to her senses. Giving her man time doesn't equate weakness. It can equal strength.
I do NOT want Marlena with a new man. I just want her written with a backbone and to have active dialogue again.
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