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I think American Idol really needs to take a break. Take a year off and completely revamp it. Three panel judge of a record executive, producer and a performer. That is what made the original panel work because you had all aspects of the music business covered.

I also think they need to clean house behind the scenes. The producers need to go as well. They are the ones that keep coming back with these boring themes, choosing sob stories over talent and basically writing out their own storyline for how the season should go instead of letting it be organic. The storyline this year was "The Year of the Girl" and where they got the the only guys viewers were able to vote were far below the talent level of the girls that of course a girl was going to win. I think back to my favorite which was season 7. You had David Cook, Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, David Archuletta, Syesha Mercado, etc. There was a ton of variety and really almost everyone a chance to win the season.

Finally revamp the voting system. The need to set limits...PERIOD! Let people vote a variety of ways, but limit how many on that system. There is too much popularity being the factor that determines who goes home and not actual talent.
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