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Corbin Bernson Facebook:

The day continued to bring peace with only brief moments/flashes of sorrow. For the most part I've come to a quicker than expected belief that my mom, right until the end, worked her magic and made all things exactly as they should be. I played back the last couple weeks and whereas I thought maybe she wanted more time, I think I was wrong - that was me wanting more. There were so many "hints" of her "ready to go." But she would graciously play it out until we were all ready, and in our proper places on the "stage." The consummate director.

This evening we gathered at her house for a meal. I was, admittedly frightened, not knowing if I would be ready to see this hub where the family had gathered for so many years, swimming in the pool, eating birthday dinners at her large table, or just laying next to her on the bed, talking about "stuff." But again, I was wrong. It was magnificent. I know I use that word quite a bit, but it was, it was extraordinary. Sure, had a quick cry when I went into her bedroom, smelled the sheets, the traces of her scent, but then it all suddenly lifted and there we were, together, her family, eating at the table once again, laughing. And she was most definitely with us, offering up her home as always, seated right alongside us at the table.

My brother in law shared with me her final scene from Young and Restless, one I had heard about only yesterday. Her final bit of "acting," or as I'm coming to believe, "being." Mom never acted, she fully became the role. Like with so many things in her life, the lines we usually draw between where we stand on issues or the line between actor and character - they simply didn't exist for her. All things simply "are." Well, as many of you know by now, that was her final scene. In it I saw a woman, who some two months ago "knew" that this was to be her farewell scene. The end of a 40 year journey on the show and a sixty year journey as an actor. Her simple "goodnight" at the end - an improvised line - pretty much said it all. But the entire two minutes or so - if you study them carefully - is the stuff of legends. Each word, her mannerisms... all extraordinary now in the context of what was coming. I'm attaching it here, watch closely and you'll see a woman in complete control of her destiny - right up until the end. My mom. Wow! A mystery. A magnificence!



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