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5/13, Kate finds a battered Rafe in an alley; Gabi becomes distraught over Rafe; Will and Sonny corner Nick; Kate makes a stunning confession to Stefano, EJ and Sami; Abigail tells JJ she doesn't believe his story about what happened in London.

5/14, Rafe takes a turn for the worse; Kate realizes she's made a huge mistake; Chad ask Abigail if there's still a chance for them; Hope finds evidence that may implicate EJ in Rafe's attack; Kayla and Cameron present Gabi with a difficult decision.

5/15, Kristen and Brady have a major blowup over her family; Marlena asks John if he wants a divorce; Eric comforts Nicole over what happened to Rafe; Jennifer discovers that JJ lied about what happened in London.

5/16, Kristen tries to push Brady away; Hope continues to investigate the attack on Rafe, zeroing in on EJ; Gabi remembers overhearing EJ on a mysterious phone call; Sami starts to doubt EJ's innocence; JJ destroys something he borrows from Daniel.

5/17, Kristen and John continue to toy with each other as they further their secret agendas; Nick comes through for Vargas; Gabi and Hope challenge Sami's loyalty to EJ; Nick's past catches up with him as he and Gabi are held at gunpoint.
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