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May 11 2013, 01:34 PM
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Yes, Cameron told Abby that he has a part-time job as a janitor, with flexible hours.
Cameron was not working at the pub.He,like Abigail,was helping out at the pub.It is stupid to have a person who is intelliegent enough to be a doctor working as a janitor (or stripper) to pay loans when he is brother in law to the ex mayor and friendly with persons who have family connections who own business like Chad,Abby,EJ,Daniel,and Brady who could certainly find something other than off the books janitor.They could just as easily have Cameron say something about his father's estate being settled and he now has enough money to pay off all or the majority of his loans and his mother's debt ,therefore,he no longer needs to work a second job.Give me a break.
They tried that route recently with Abe. Cameron doesn't want a "hand out" he rather work his debt off himself.
Well if he is working for minimum wage as a janitor,good luck with that.He could work as a host/ waiter and make more money.He is a moron if he would rather work as a janitor after sucessfully completing medical school than accept help from friends/family.
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