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Sweet and Salty

May 11 2013, 02:49 PM
Sweet and Salty
May 10 2013, 10:29 PM
May 10 2013, 10:01 PM
now that i've seen it, i must say that Vope's second scene had some flirting going on in it. i sure hope Vargas takes Hope up on her "if you need me, call me" offer... ;)
I didn't see any flirting on Hopes part. Not a bit. Strictly professional. Actually didn't see any in Vrgas either. I think they look cute together though! And that they have chemistry! If Bo's gone for good I totally love the pairing! Hope they take it slow like they're doing with Father Eric and Nikki!
Even though Bo was a " bad boy" and Hope has been in prison,I do not want to see her with Vargas.He went to prison, while in prison,did something so bad he had to stay in prison three more years,he stabbed Nick in the back while in prison,and has been blackmailing and threatening Nick since he got out of prison.He also manhandled Nicole and is continuing to blackmail her.Vargas aways has a beard stubble making him downright nasty to me and he always has a threatening tone of voice when speaking to Nick or Nicole but that fake" nice convict going straight" voice and dialogue when speaking to someone who can hurt him.Based on the preceding factors and that fake smary discussion he had with Hope,I don't want him anywhere near Hope and Ciara,he makes my skin crawl.Although Shawn can act and is good looking,I loathe and despise the character Vargas and the sooner the character is gone the better.If they want to clean him up,make him another character,and bring him back later,I'm on board.In my elese he cannot be redeemed as he has been written up to this point.
I don't see Hope being interested in him for a long time anyhow. If the clean up his character, maybe. Maybe he'll con her (and the rest of us) and then the drama begins.
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