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choosing sob stories over talent

This is what kills me about what the show's become.

It started out making fun of the delusional- that's why it got noticed initially- and then someone with actual talent would emerge, and it was awesome. Then they started making fun of people with obvious disabilities or accents (or both), and it was not awesome. Then they started acting like this is NB-fucking-C during the Olympics and people are only measured by the amount of suffering they've lived through, and it became annoying. Especially the repeated "I have a baby" bullshit, like choosing to give birth and keep the kid is something I should feel sorry for, like I should cheer you on in your quest to become famous for your family when really I believe you should just get a real job.

And the commercials for this season with like farms and flying flags and super serious "This. Is. American Idol." Where'd the fun go, yo? Where'd it go.


So yeah- change the producers. All of them. Totally agree.
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