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May 11 2013, 09:46 PM
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IDK. Or he did, and they gave no help. He seems to know how to play scenes with Eileen.
which scenes are you talking about where he doesn't know how play? with Brady?

he does seem comfortable with Eileen, like he knows why John is doing what is doing..
IDK. The stuff airing now is what they were filming when Drake tweeted that he didn't understand John's motivations. Can't be sure which exact scenes they were, but for his sake I hope they were the ones where he looked completely clueless.
I honestly don't get why he's so clueless about how to play his scenes with Marlena, Brady or John's other loved ones. I'll give him that John's plan is completely stupid, but it's still pretty obvious IMO as to how he should be playing it. He's simply failing at giving his scenes any of the subtext of anguish and pain that he should be giving them. And it's making an awful story worse.
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