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freddie smith @freddiemsmith
Hey everyone I promised a Q&A today. Shoot!

J. René Salazar Mtz @RenePattz
@freddiemsmith whats your fav cd??? For a rainy day??
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@RenePattz anything hip hop I love Drake

Joanie™ @Joanie_Vinson
@freddiemsmith Have you heard any news about Scandal Crest? Is it coming back
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@Joanie_Vinson I haven't heard anything so I'm not sure will tweet if I do!

Tonya @tbayles
@freddiemsmith How awesome does it feel that your project is alnost fully funded? Congrats!!
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@tbayles it's surreal. We r so excited all of the effort from friends family and fans has really helped this come to life

Steven P. Wong @swong1991
@freddiemsmith what do u like to do for fun???
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@swong1991 movies basketball bars clubs write board games hang with friends

Raquel Amorim @raquelpurple
@freddiemsmith omh hii!!! so eeerrmm ... r u a good baker ???? x
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@raquelpurple I'd like to think so but I'm not into sweets that much so I don't do it often

Christina Razo @ChristinaJonas6
@freddiemsmith if you could choose any movie or TV series besides Days. Which one would you choose??
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@ChristinaJonas6 breaking bad modern family

Lola Nowak @Nowak_Lola
@freddiemsmith how excited are you to be do close to the @AddictsAnon goal?
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@Nowak_Lola now it's real which means we can shoot this show the way we have I visioned it!

Susen (Lady) McBeth @SusenMc
@freddiemsmith So we're pretty "spoiled" and we know that Sonny delivers the baby - any comments about that experience? :)
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@SusenMc it's crazy in real life when I have kid I'm gunna leave that part up to the doctors

Michael Loeding @mikeloeding
@freddiemsmith what are you doing for your Mom for Mother's Day?
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@mikeloeding I sent her a card and i call her tomorrow but i get to see her twice in the next month which is exciting in NY and then in LA

Fansite for FS @fsmithfans
@freddiemsmith What would you say has been the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome in your life?
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@fsmithfans being away from family and friends

BATGIRL. @AreeshaaY
@freddiemsmith Favorite superhero?
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@AreeshaaY spiderman

Brandon @BrandonSufronko
@freddiemsmith Can we expect any Sonny/Marlena scenes in the future? :)
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@BrandonSufronko I think so lol we are. 4 months a head so i forget the timeline

cole ortiz @Itsnatashab
@freddiemsmith is chandler a good kisser? :)
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@Itsnatashab yeah I give him an A!

Bill Listanski @Beezerb11
@freddiemsmith who is your dream actor that you one day hope to work with?
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@Beezerb11 will smith

LAURA @lauraajay_x
@freddiemsmith Do you have any strange/funny nicknames? P.s I love you ok? :-) x
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@lauraajay_x my buddies sometime will call me Fredward

Amanda @THF8
@freddiemsmith Do you remember meeting Chandler for the first time? How was it? :)
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@THF8 it was at the test for Days he was great

Rachel Ann @xstache
@freddiemsmith - Hiii! Is Summer in Salem full of exciting new things? :)
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@xstache sonny starts another business venture!

Jenny P. @jenpoll
@freddiemsmith Hi Freddie! Looking forward to scenes of #WilSon & Arianna! How's it been filming w/ the baby/babies? Getting used to it? ;)
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@jenpoll they r adorable but I want to wait at least 5 years for one of my own

Anthony :) @ACminaj95
@freddiemsmith How is it working with Molly? I mean you guys have done Days, SC and now AA together! It must be so fun :)
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@ACminaj95 she is a sweetheart!

Robin Kaye @robbiebob44
@freddiemsmith do you have any siblings and do you get back to Ohio?
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@robbiebob44 no I'm the only child but have cousins I'm very close with

claire out boy @claireoceans
@freddiemsmith oh, pancakes or waffles?
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@claireoceans waffles

La Taye Schutz @chriscosangel
@freddiemsmith when did you realize you wanted to be an actor?
freddie smith @freddiemsmith
@chriscosangel when I was 17

freddie smith @freddiemsmith
You all r great! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll do another Q&A soon! Xoxoxo
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