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I felt like I'd read this conversation before, than it hit me. This is the same thing that happened with the whole Stephanie/Nathan/Melanie triangle thing. Some quotes about that:

I've seen several actors talk about not knowing what was going on and making up their own motivations, because they got nothing from the script, the directors, the producers, etc., at the time.

For example - Nadia talked about Chloe hooking up with Lucas in an interview. She didn't understand why Chloe would do something like that (and it was apparently never explained to her), so she pretended that it was because she was still in love with Philip and was jealous over him and Morgan. And that's how she played it - whether or not that was what the script called for (I don't think it did). Then Philip suddenly said he loved Chloe and *POOF* - they didn't even share a scene again for over an entire year. Nadia was, understandably, highly confused and said so.

And she's not the only one. Too many actors have come forward and basically said they don't know why things are happening and "don't get" what's going on, but they're doing the best they can

I agree. It is a combination of both along with a lack of communication between all departments. If the writer doesn't write the story/script with a clear direction of what needs to be conveyed to the audience, neither the actors nor the director knows what the emotional subtext is supposed to be. An actor can guess are assume based on what he/she has been told the story is supposed to be, but if the actor & director sees "Mary looks at Jim lovingly. They kiss passionately.", and there is no reason for them to think, based on that script alone, that it should be any other way, that's how it's directed & acted and that's how it is on screen. It's like every single scene is written, directed, and acted in a vacuum without regard or relation to anything else that goes on or is supposed to be going on.

Now, as to the argument that, by taping scenes out of order actors might not know the direction their story is taking or the required motivations -- that falls ENTIRELY on the writer. A good writer would take such things into account and would make sure to write the necessary character actions and motivations in the script. For example, if the script says that Nathan is to profess his love for Stephanie, the writer SHOULD have also included notations that somehow clarify that Nathan is still in love with Melanie and is merely trying to convince both Stephane and himself of his feelings in order to get the correct emotional subtext in the scene so that it synchs up with future scenes.

IMO, it's just pisspoor writing, planning, and production all the way around.

Do you even read the interviews with the actors? They're totally lost. Not just one of them, not just two of them -- all of them. What's the likelihood that the entire cast would be saying the same thing if it wasn't at least somewhat true?

The actors are flying by the seat of their pants and it's obvious. They have no clue what's going on. Can you blame them? How are they supposed to make sense of the stories in script form when we can't even make sense of them playing out in front of our eyes?

The disconnect is probably caused by a variety of things. Weak scripts, lazy directors, a fast-paced taping schedule that doesn't allow for attention to detail, bored actors, etc. Whatever the case, it needs to be fixed

That was my point in addressing the writing as well as the acting & direction and the lack of communication between all parties. Nathan could've played the dialog between him and Stephanie is such a way as to convey that, perhaps, he wasn't only trying to convince Stephanie of his love for her, but he was trying to talk himself into it, too, in a valiant (and yet futile effort) to talk himself out of being in love with Melanie who had told him there was no future between them. Unfortunately, the writing was such that that specific subtext was not easily noticable (leaving that actors to, possibly, think that no matter what was being told, perhaps the writers really did want Nathan & Stephanie to be together) and that's how it was played.

If I'm making any sense whatsoever. WTFery of Our Lives isn't a solo effort. It's entirely a group effort.

I could deal with the insecurities if they would just bother to explain them. That's what is not working here. If they bothered to give Stephanie a motivation beyond "I love Nathan and I'll lose him" then this would make more sense. But, when there is nothing to explain WHY she is so afraid to lose Nathan and why she's willing to settle for being second best, then it doesn't make any sense.

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