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May 11 2013, 09:46 PM
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IDK. Or he did, and they gave no help. He seems to know how to play scenes with Eileen.
which scenes are you talking about where he doesn't know how play? with Brady?

he does seem comfortable with Eileen, like he knows why John is doing what is doing..
IDK. The stuff airing now is what they were filming when Drake tweeted that he didn't understand John's motivations. Can't be sure which exact scenes they were, but for his sake I hope they were the ones where he looked completely clueless.
If I recall correctly at least one of these tweets (the most desperate one) has to be about some upcoming scenes which will probably air in about two or three weeks. It's just my guess because we don't know how much out of order the scenes were being taped. It could possibly be that "struggle of no return" scene (spoiler for May 24th) or - which would be even more believable - some of the later scenes. /I could be biased because if they are going where it looks like they are going these scenes could be really disgusting from moral point of view and there could be a huge negative reaction from viewers/

BTW maybe it's just me but I didn't like DH's acting in the resent scenes with ED as well. The Horton cabin scenes and January scenes were quite impressive and well acted but not the recent ones. JMO

Maybe the problems we are talking about arise not only because of the stupid writing choices I guess actors should be used to that. Maybe it has something to do with that indefinite hiatus which possibly was in sight at that time (I mean first they trash the character make him do disgusting things and then send away indefinitely).

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