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Jo Ann Zinaman

Hello BuffyLoverLori. Cassandra is the Baby that Angie found and Adopted on Either Loving or The City. Cassandra is the Girl that is Handcuffed to the Bed. David Saved Cara's Life when she was 12 and had Leukemia. David is Griffith's Mentor. Cara was upset about Tad going back to Dixie and David was Comforting her and They had Sex. Cara got Pregnant with David's Baby. Only Cara and Later Angie was on David's Side. However, David Shot JR and was in Prison and Probably Griffith Talked Cara in to not Letting David be A Father to her Baby. Either Cara got An Abortion OR Cara gave the Baby Away. I had Hoped that if All My Children had Stayed on ABC that One Time David could just Raise the Baby without Anybody Taking the Baby away from him. However, Even Anna Told David to get out of the Hospital and not be A Part of Leora's Life. I had seen that in Scenes on You Tube. Jody
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