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Instead of leaving the supercouples alone and building on what they already have. Giving them problems but showing them overcoming them. What they have done, is set out to destroy them. This is what I am seeing.

John is a grown man and he is suppose to be intelligent, yet this is the only thing they could come up with for him to get Kristen out of Brady's life. It is so ridiculous. It is not a reflection on John but on the writers themselves who thought of it. Where are their brains. The result of this stupid idea is that, they are showing him as willingly setting out to hurt the woman that he has been in love with for so long, and also willing to hurt his grown son, just to get some sex with Kristen, to get her out of his son's life. His son who not only a grown man, but suppose to have a mind of his own.

Didn't he want Kristen out of Brady's life because he believed she will hurt him. So, it is ok for him to hurt Brady but not Kristen. Marlena will be hurting and Brady will be hurting over this idiotic decision of his. There is no guarantee that Kristen would fall into bed with him, so at least they should have shown him having an alternative plan. They had long enough to come up with a much better one.

Also, I wish they would make up their minds whether or not they are trying to write a love story between Brady and Kristen. Instead of the constant, she loves him one week and the next she still wants her revenge. If she has sex with John that is also destroying her relationship with Brady, but I guess they will continue to write Brady as stupid, so that they can continue with the Kristen and Brady relationship.

But I think the main purpose behind all this was to destroy Marlena and John. I think the actor was told to play it, as if he no longer cares for Marlena, to the point where he is pushing her onto another man and end up hurting her by doing somthing so disgusting. If he ends up having sex with Kristen, the John and Marlena relationship will never be the same. The only way they could come back from this is if Days had headwriters that could actually write a convincing come back story for them. The fact that they came up with this ridiculous revenge plot makes me further doubt their ability to do that. The Kristen/Marlena/Brady/John story that once had potential has now turned into boring crap.
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