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The Room Stops
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May 11 2013, 11:25 PM
Here is what I think went on with Drake. He doesn't trust Tomlin at the helm, and the minute John started treating Marlena like crap without an explanation then he started to have serious issues with this story. Then they disclosed the plan to us and its obvious he didn't think it was something John would do in character. He's having trouble playing John now solely because of that and actors being human usually cannot mask their displeasure that much. I've liked John and Drake but Drake has never been a great actor. He does heartache very well, and his chemistry with Dee is amazing..., maybe he should have focused on his heartache at what he's about to put Marlena through
He had this problem before. In 2001. He went to the writers and specifically asked that they re-write something. Said he wouldn't do it, that he was standing up for his character, that he knew him better. They took out the slap (John was going to hit Marlena during the 2001 Brady story), but not the dialogue. This could be a similar situation, except he didn't get a response. He's played this man for 27 years, and he knows every part of the character. He's not in a rut, but he knows the responses the character would and shoul have, and he knows what his fans expect, want and know. So either way he loses. Either he goes along with the writers plan (which is quite obviously to not write John as John Black, whether that is a concious choice or not) or he says "You know what, honestly, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Sorry.". If this was the first time the writers had frakked him over, I'd say "Do your job". I do agree, it's their job to make it work, but I at least understand where he's coming from. This is what he does, being John Black has been half his life, it's half his day every single day. So I get it. Might be the same fangirl part of me that cheered when Deidre Hall asked for a body double for the castle scenes.

The problem for me is that the writing is all plot. There is nothing to explain why John's doing it, so there is no emotion to really play with. The last time I thought he was decent was the coffeebar or whatever it is, when John was leaving town. Other than that, sorry, he's sucked balls. Even with John Aniston, who could probably have made Charity Rahmer bearable, he just has that presence.

The director could have told him to play it cold because "it'll make sense at the end and then they'll love it". The problem is that the story sucks SO bad that the two characters who should be front and center are either a walking plot device (John) or completely gone from the story (Marlena). Marlena's not actually in the story, so basically John's just treating her like crap. If she was in the mix, and we saw her in actual danger from Kristen or Stefano or EJ or whoever, it'd be at least somewhat understandable that John feels a need to protect her. She's walking around town safer than she's ever been before. And Brady's not in any physical danger either. Proportional response is key. For instance, I'm watching Maison Blanche at the moment... Marlena dropping everything, and telling Roman that she was having a romantic tryst with John, knowing it would effectively end her marriage for good... was belivable because John was in actual danger. She was caught between a rock and a hard place. John is nowhere. He's not caught between anything. There's no danger anywhere in Salem.

It would make more sense at this point to have Marlena seduce Stefano, tell Kristen she'll stop when Kristen dumps Brady, stays away from John... and make it clear that she'll go all the way. That would be rooted in history. How does John screwing Kristen hurt Kristen? It doesn't hurt anyone except the people John loves. Isn't the point to get the villain, not the fellow good guy?

These same writers tried to screw J&M over once, and they now have a second chance to really get it right. And boy are they doing their best.
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