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Jo Ann Zinaman

Hello EJBread. It's Easier for me to Remember this than Your Entire Name. Sorry about that. You having Hulu Plus has Nothing to do with whether Hulu will Always be Free. The way that might have Worked is that Hulu is Free and if Hulu Decided to not have Advertisements so then Hulu would Charge A Fee for People to Watch. Hulu is Free, but People have to Watch on A Computer. If People want to Watch on I Pod or I Pad or A Tablet, then They have to have Hulu Plus and Pay A Fee. People can Download ITunes, but They have to Pay A Fee. People Can Type www.toln.com OR www.theonlinenetwork.com and It will Take them to The Online Network Page and They can Watch One Life To Live or All My Children and It will be FREE. Jody
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