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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS Casting (Or Recasting?) Role

May 12 2013, 08:43 PM
I could care less about the actor. They could write off Cameron tomorrow and I probably wouldn't even notice. He's just that irrelevant.
If they are not going to feature MBE/Kayla,they need more than Daniel to treat the upcoming casualties with Rafe,Will,Gabi,and perhaps the baby given that Lexie is dead. I see Cameron as serving double duty as the other doctor and able to fit in with the younger set when needed regardless of what happens between Abby and Cameron.He will probably be a sounding board when the problems manifest themselves with JJ.I guess I sort of see him as a Roman/Abe type of character,he can be plugged into a storyline to fill plot point without too much WTF.Although the virginity storyline is sort of silly to me,I can see how some girls/young women might find it interesting.I guess I have strong feelings for some characters I like but for the most part I view others as background noise until I find their story interesting.
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