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May 13 2013, 01:02 AM
IF it were true that Sami is on trial for corporate espionage, how "nice and manly" of EJ to let his "ladylove" take the fall for his debauchery. That's what I call "true love". :rolleyes:

Yep, model "supercouple" right here. LOL
I doubt EJ will let her take the fall for it since he has no reason to do it. Since she hasn't done anything to hurt him, he would have no reason to retaliate and that's his general MO. Instead, they have been happy and in love for a while now. He finally has the woman he loves and wants to make her his wife. Moreover, since things have been amicable between them last fall, he's consistently had her back and has done what he can to help her. So, I expect him to use his resources to clear her name instead of letting her take the fall for it. It wouldn't surprise me if he confesses to get her off the hook either.
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