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S loves EJ

May 13 2013, 09:28 AM
May 13 2013, 09:10 AM
S loves EJ
May 12 2013, 02:05 AM
May 11 2013, 11:18 PM
Ej isn't going to be the one who hurt Rafe....they are painting him as the good guy in this story and that will complete the failure of the character

I think the problem is that those who love bad EJ wants him to be bad but not to bad. The writhers kept making him quilty of attempted murder but not actual murder because that might scare the fans away. I love both Ejami and bad EJ so I have been a Little concerned that pairing Ejami would make EJ good and boring, but so far I have loved them together but itīs possible that I would get bored with EJ if he is Everett for to long. Still even if EJ was with Nicole I think his hands would be tied since the writhers canīt make him to bad.
Except EJ is already guilty of murder. And several counts of attempted murder. Writing him as a "good guy" helps salvage Ejami but it goes against his true character. However, in this case, I would prefer EJ were not the guilty party. Rafe is smug enough as it is without EJ giving him extra incentive. I'm hoping this is Nick or Stefano's crime.
EJ hasn't done anything REALLY sinister for quite awhile (since R2). It's just been some lying, embezzling, political dirty tricks, etc. Based on his writing since mid-2011, it seems like they've settled on making him more of a light version of a bad guy (i.e. no more raping, kidnapping, attempted murder, etc.). And really, that's where I'd prefer they keep him since TPTB also want to sell him as a romantic lead/family man. I just wish they would've done a little more explanation for why he's decided to have no more life of MAJOR crime. Losing his kids in 2011 and losing Lexie in 2012 could obviously be reasons, but I wish they would've explained his transformation better.

Exactly they are not writhing EJ to be a good guy but more gray than dark.
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