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May 13 2013, 10:48 AM
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Neil & Liz were great. they were a great example of an older couple that got utilized in multiple A stories - Reinhart, New Orleans/Island, the drug Cartel... those stories didn't have them featured as THE main characters in the stories, but they were more than just occasional props & sound boards, and they even had their own substories. The writers these days don't do that.
They weren't exactly what I would consider "older couple" back in 1983 though. Loring was 37. And Gallison was 48. So technically, Neil and Liz, back then, are equivalent to, for example, Nicole and Daniel today. I wouldn't really consider either of those characters "old" in anyway shape or form.
Gallison's 48 back then would almost equate to Kristian's 49 now.
I didn't mean grandparents old, simply that they were older than the youngins that were getting most of the stories - the Bo & Hope, the Melissa/Todd/Pete, the Shane/Kim, etc.
They were also older than Roman/Marlena/Tony/Anna.
I would agree with that. I just think a lot of people still think of Nicole, Sami, Lucas, etc as the 20somethings they were in the 90s and 00s. I know I do sometimes. When in reality, they're a lot older than Bo, Hope, Shane, Kim, Steve, Kayla, etc were in the 80s. And the main problem has been the writing for those characters in the last 15 years. They've only really become "leading characters" in the last 5 years, maybe? When they should've been leading through most of the 00s. It all happened at once and was so jarring.
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