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The sex trafficking story with Cassandra is incredibly daunting & realistic. Mondays scenes with Uri & Cassandra were disturbing yet compelling at the same time due to the top notch acting. Martin Harvey (Uri) has really sunk his teeth into his role. OMG, I'm so uncomfortable watching him. He's way too good! And Sal (Cassandra) is doing a really great job as well. That last Uri/Cass scene was just...wow. Mind blowing. Bold stuff.

Debbi motherf'ing Morgan. Never fails to give a breathtaking performance. She was stellar!

I'm so glad they're going to play the story of Miranda finding out she's a child of rape. This should be really good when she finds out, though I hope it doesn't happen too fast and I think Kendall should be back for this as well. She could totally help Miranda through this since she's gone through the same exact thing almost.
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