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S loves EJ

May 13 2013, 10:42 AM
S loves EJ
May 12 2013, 02:05 AM
May 11 2013, 11:18 PM
Ej isn't going to be the one who hurt Rafe....they are painting him as the good guy in this story and that will complete the failure of the character

I think the problem is that those who love bad EJ wants him to be bad but not to bad. The writhers kept making him quilty of attempted murder but not actual murder because that might scare the fans away. I love both Ejami and bad EJ so I have been a Little concerned that pairing Ejami would make EJ good and boring, but so far I have loved them together but itīs possible that I would get bored with EJ if he is Everett for to long. Still even if EJ was with Nicole I think his hands would be tied since the writhers canīt make him to bad.
.Ej did kill someone in the past...he's killed and attempted to kill....the writers don't know how to write the character, they never have because they always wanted to keep the option of him in a romantic lead character open. IMHO it's a failure because they way the character works is as a villain...you can't have it both ways...and EJ is not a grey character, he's plain evil...he's done enough bad things to those he's 'claimed to love' to last me a lifetime...and that includes his children too.....He's just like Stefano...but they've painted him in this 'I'm good' light now...he's pretty much like any other bad guy turned good guy now...he's not different than Rafe or Lucas or anyone...he's generic....

I do think itīs important to writhe a character consistent and true to the character, the problem is that they wrothe EJ wrong starting from the rapescene, the writhers intended to writhe him as a villain and then off the show, but then he and Ejami became popular and they realized that they made a mistake and did their best to fix it. Still the reason I first loved EJ was that I always loved evil character as villains, EJ reminded me of Derek from Sunset Beach who was an evil twin and a serial killer but I only loved him as a villain because he was pure evil while I loved his good twin Ben as a good character. Someone once said that they liked EJ as a villain but no way was he a lovematch for Sami because he was evil and a rapist, and someone else said that they thought that the writhers were going to have EJ being obssessed over Sami without ever willingly have her similar to Stefanoīs relation with Marlena, and that is how I loved Ej and Ejami at first him as a villain being obssessed with her, but Iīm not sure if their relationship could have continue that way I donīt think the Ejami fans would have wanted EJ to kidnapp Sami and putting her in a cage trying to hypnotize her into loving her. An other problem with having EJ just as a villain is that villains is usually shortlived they only last for a storyline then they die and maybe comes back from the dead a fiew years later, to keep EJ on longer they need to have him in a romatic lead and make him more than one dimensional not just bad but someone that is struggling between his good and bad side. Anyway when I say that EJ is gray I mean the current version I know that he has been writhen as evil in other versions.
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