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Woke up to a beautiful morning, nature screaming outside, "come play." Took my tea to the garden and listened. An abundance of birds, insects... it was magnificently deafening. Asked "mom are you in there?" No answer of course, not the one I'm used to, that hearty voice growling back, "what do you think, idiot? Just shut up and keep listening." So I did. I sat still, looked and listened deeper into it all... small yellow flowers of two trees we just planted, dropping to the ground, returning to the earth, and new buds springing forth.... and then a hummingbird. Now I've never seen a hummingbird in our garden! My mother on the other hand has one of those feeders at her place, inviting them. "Okay," I thought, "I'll take that and just shut up for the rest of the day, keep listening, quietly." Nature; what an incredible healer. As true and evident piece of science of the bigger picture, and God... at least for me.

I have to comment on the continued outpouring of love and kindness that is coming in from all quarters; old friends from school, LA LAW pals, people I've met only once at various points in my life but promised to reach out one day, and of course those closest and dearest to me today; Psych family, my closest friends and of course our immediate family. So much love and warmth. And while I'm the one receiving it, I know it is generated by the engine that still, somehow, in a hummingbird perhaps, continues to churn away; mom. She is bringing old friends together, speaking the word LOVE to one another, over and over.

Last I want to share an beautiful moment I had yesterday while visiting The Young and the Restless. It is of my mom's dressing room door, which, for now remains closed. But the tributes outside are just... staggering. I wasn't sure if I was ready to see it but decided to anyway. I'm glad I did. Not sure what the next minutes, hours, days or years will bring, but if I can continue to find the joy in the moments I have this morning, all is good in the world and mom's work, truest work, lives on.

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