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May 13 2013, 11:05 PM
May 13 2013, 10:59 PM
May 13 2013, 10:54 PM
May 13 2013, 10:31 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deephttp://t.co/y6ZnKSI3ey
You silly English KA- NIG-IT.
I hate you right now because I just LITERALLY mouthed "ka-nig-it" before I even got to your post. lolol
Oh Lord, bless this thy hand grenade that with it thou mayest blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.

And The Lord did grin.

Okay, I'm done.
First shall thou take out the holy pin. Then shall thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shall thou not count, neither count thou two, accepting that thou shall then proceed to three. Five is right out.

So logically
if she was the same as a duck, she's made of wood
and therefore
a witch!

ok... NOW i'm done. lol.
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