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This was one of the best all around episodes in such a long time.

I am not a big Rafe fan but I have really started to enjoy him with Kate. It was such good drama to see him get beat up. I'm intrigued to see who did this. I think Nick and EJ are way too obvious. If it was them they would have showed their faces. I do still wonder if Nick has an alter and maybe is who did it.

Kate's reaction to finding Rafe was so good. I guess everybody will know about her and Rafe now. I get this feeling when he wakes up that he is going to forget about his relationship with Kate because of a brain injury and then falls for that new physical therapist.

Will and Sonny I have actually been enjoying a lot lately. They actually look like a real couple and acting like one. I love seeing them work together to try and take down NIck. I loved every part of them confronting NIck at the end. I loved the new JJ. This kid can act. I really loved his interaction with Will and Sonny. I hope after the baby is born Will and Sonny start to get hanging out with their friends again.
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