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True, but the spoilers about EJ's involvement are pretty much about everyone blaming him (because it's EJ and well they're not completely wrong about thinking him responsible.) for the attack and not actually having evidence, only going on a "hunch" and that's fine for the in story characters. However, the viewers can were able to see more than what the characters could.

We know that EJ is working Justin on a plan to take down Stefano that requires the utmost secrecy.

We know that Rafe and EJ were going to meet up so EJ could get Johnny's FBI jacket, and if EJ was responsible for the attack. There's no way he would have any kind of evidence, like a record of a phone call, tied to him around the time of Rafe's beating.

Rafe and Nick had a big blowout with each other and Rafe threatened to tell Gabi the truth about Nick right before he was attacked.

The attacker was wearing the same blue button down shirt and pants as Nick. The attacker stole Rafe's bag of Muffins (lol).

Then at the pub we see Nick running in all sweaty and out of breath with the same bag of Muffins that Gabi asked Rafe to pick up for her.

Most of us who have seen certain spoilers and instagram/twitter pics know that Nick/EJ is just a red herring and the attacker is someone else but even without knowing that and watching today's episode the viewer would see the "clues" and see that the blame for the attack on Rafe would clearly go to Nick. But I've been seeing posts all day (on here and elsewhere) from people who I know watched the episode yet still somehow vehemently believe that all the evidence points to EJ and not Nick.

I find it polarizing, tbh. lol
Check out 4:10 of this video


Maybe it was Everett that was finding that note.
The really should do a double personality for Ej. Everett is the nice one and Elvis the bad one. That would explain a lot. :lol:
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