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S loves EJ

May 13 2013, 02:16 PM
S loves EJ
May 13 2013, 01:30 PM
May 13 2013, 12:48 PM
May 13 2013, 11:57 AM

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and this is where I disagree....I think JS might work with romantic/daddy stuff shit but I have a tough time believing Ej when he does, solely based on the writing for the character all these years. If Ej was truly a person that loved his kids, he would have never done half of the stuff he did to THEM without even feeling bad about doing it. Let's face it....soap characters make bad decisions all the time, but it's the motivations that don't paint the characters into corners they can't seem to come out of. I know Ej came out of his corners all these years but the fact that he comes out and does basically nothing to convince me that he's truly sorry for his actions is the one problem I have with the guy. For example, I might not like the character but I could understand him kidnapping Sydney to cause Sami pain from keeping her from him....however, Sami had just gone through the 'death of Grace' and for him to purposely tell Sami that Syd died and make her believe that by planting the bloody baby clothing was a bit much. How can you love your daughter and fake her death? But what I really can't believe is when he sort of blackmailed Sami into telling a cancer stricken Johnny that she didn't love him. What excuse is there for that? How can he love his son, and tell him that? Did his hate for Sami trump his love for his kids? That's certainly what it seemed, and NOW I'm suppose to believe that he's this great dad, giving fatherly advice to Will of all people? It's total BS in my eyes. Ej isn't grey....grey characters walk a fine line between good and bad but never overstep those boundaries.....and if they do they live to regret it deeply. Ej has overstepped the boundaries into the dark side so many times but somehow it doesn't seem he gave a flip about anything. You shouldn't need to change the character so drastically to fit them into a pairing and I think that is where both Ej fails miserably.

I donīt think the sydnapping was a bad storyline but they went to far with it by having EJ fake Sydneyīs death, but he has shown some remorse for it he had this revaltion when he realized he was inlove with Sami when he kept saying - what have I done, what have I done, and he said after he was shoot that if Sami was the one that shoot him he deserved it. There is no excuse for what he said to Johnny but I think that even if EJ has made a couple of terrible mistakes he has been showned to love his kids and being a good dad most of the times.

He showed no remorse for it, he brought her back because Ana told him that Sami wanted a hero and that is why she was with Rafe....and true remorse comes with not doing something similar again...what occurred just a few months later?...he was doing something dastardly as bad to Johnny...forcing Sami to tell him that she didn't love him because she wanted to be with Rafe....

I donīt want character to learn from their mistakes to much, look at Sami she keeps making mistakes but she is boring when she is acting good and mature. I donīt want EJ to do domething to hurt the kids, but I donīt want him to stop being bad either.
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