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I thought the reunion show was strange. :shrug: Why were the rest of the contestants not on the stage?

Out of the Final three I was glad to see it was Cochran who won. I initially liked Dawn but she ended up getting on my last nerve with her daily crying and hysterics. I liked Brenda and was disappointed she was voted off but at the end of the day, it is a game and the show is set up to show that kind of drama and back stabbing. I actually think Brenda forcing Dawn to show her missing teeth made Brenda look bad. Kudos for Dawn for doing it!!!

I would never go on Survivor as a contestant but Dawn knew what she was signing up for. Sheree was a joke. If you look back at previous winners of Survivor over all 26 seasons how many are often winners by default due to the jury being mad at the person who has taken the most risks with big moves and back stabbing and the one who flew under the radar will often win? I remember being disappointed in Season 2 when Tina( who I never liked) won and Colby didn't. There have been many seasons where the most boring contestant won, at least with Cochran he was visible and humorous.
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