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Panda Panda
May 14 2013, 03:12 PM
May 13 2013, 06:53 PM
I have to admit... AMC's stories are much more cohesive and just plain make more sense. OLTL's stuff is so sporadic and, odd!

I am torn on which opening song I like better... they are both growing on me lol.

Matthew is a total douchebag!!!
It's actually the opposite for me, lol.

I found AMC to be sporadic in it's story telling and scene placements, while OLTL is more cohesive but it feels as though I'm watching one lone premiere episode. I'm loving the Bo/Nora and Todd buying off his kids stuff though.

Matthew is a massive prick and considering what Dani went through with her three fathers, I'm surprised she would even entertain the thought of be romantically attracted to a deadbeat dad like Matthew. :toetap:
I havent watched last week's AMC.

OLTL definitely has problems. I think it's that they need to let the past with ABC go and move forward with creating its own legacy. Neither of the Todds are essential, they're nice to have around but they're not worth holding the Blair and Tea characters story-hostage. Same for John and Natalie. And really - did the TSJ on the bed cliffhanger even need a resolution? I don't think so. It was enough viewers knew he was out there.

They're lacking that big buzz generating story. Right now it's alot of aimless scenes.

AMC atleast has the strong Next Generation core.

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