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Colby should have taken Keith instead of Tina. He threw away a million. That was the brilliance of her. She managed to keep an alliance of three together consisting of two guys who extremely hated each other and would never take each other to the final two. She ensured a spot in the final two. She totally deserved that win. And they never aired how she got Kimmi to spill the beans about Jeff Varner's previous TC votes at a challenge, which lead to Ograkor taking over the game. . If you read castaways interviews about her, she was very lethal and was in control of the game. Colby shouldn't have been looking for a mommy figure out in the Outback, he might have done better and stuck with Amber and Jerri.

Her win was the first example that female winners never get a proper deserving edit. The edits are always about the alpha males, and these games are about more than just challenge wins.

I agree the reunion sucked. We didn't even get to hear the pre-jury players, or from Eddie, Erik, Sherri....but Boston Rob (another I don't like and is one of the most overrated winners ever - took him what 4 times to do it - whatever). I was hoping Eddie would pull out a victory, especially after hearing he wanted to open a Dog Bar, whatever that it. Very likeable guy.

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