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May 15 2013, 06:54 PM
May 15 2013, 06:16 PM
Funny enough, the only thing that geniunely interests me from a storyline point of view is JJ manipulating Jennifer. This kid's bad-ass-ness is made of all kinds of win. I miss Jack, because at least TPTB got it right on this one. He really is Jack's son. :)
JJ does sound like his father's son in many ways--the charm, the snark, the manipulative streak. But I've seen it mentioned on at least one other forum that his intro is reminiscent of Rebellious Teen Jennifer's: a precipitate exit from boarding school, anger and abandonment issues, hanging out with the wrong crowd, lashing out at authority figures. Granted, JJ's problems might be more serious than Jennifer's, given that this is 30 years later (despite Jen-Jen's attempts to relive her teen years with Daniel), but I'm reminded of the parents' curse: "I hope someday you have a kid who's just like you!"

In any case, I can't muster any sympathy for Jennifer. If she'd been as intent on taking care of JJ as she was on "protecting" a grown-ass man from the consequences of his own actions, she might have spotted her son's issues much sooner and possibly been able to head them off before they escalated. The more havoc JJ wreaks on his mother's perfect little soap bubble existence with Daniel, the more satisfied I'll be.
Thanks for bringing this up. Thinking about it, yes, I agree! I remember watching the 1984-ish episodes when Jennifer was first in town being the rebel teen. I loved that storyline back then, especially because she has a great brother in Mike and cool grandparents like Alice and Tom. I was thinking, hey, it's so cool to keep getting in trouble when you have this overprotective big brother who will always have your back, and grandparents who never seem to lose their cool and still love you no matter what kind of trouble you get into. Mind you, when teenage Jennifer straightened up, she was actually bullied in school. Love that storyline, too.

(Teenage Jen-jen circa 1984 is wayyy better than trying-to-be teenage Jen-jen now). :blulaugh:

That being said, JJ is actually a character that I have liked from the get-go in a long, long time (and since we are talking about Days, let's not even go there on how long it has been, haha). He is a very interesting character and a very blank canvass that can go either way. He's not goody-too-shoes, and he's not evil, either. Best thing is that he is in his teens, if the character is developed very well, hopefully, he is for the long-term.
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