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Edge1978, Probst said on the reunion show that they were leaving out the very next day to start filming the new season.

I'm fine with Cochran winning, but I thought Dawn did way more strategizing than Cochran. Yes, she wasn't well-liked around camp due to her emotional outbursts, but the woman could pull some strings!

Why is it that the reunion show always seems so short?! None of the answers are very detailed... and most of the questions are things no one cares about! Probst usually takes up about 15 minutes, teasing stuff they're going to "cover", that they end up briefly mentioning or not even getting into.

I love Survivor, but I hate how everything has become so commercialized. Just like with Big Brother, I feel like some of the greatest, most genuine moments come when you don't manipulate things and you keep the game simple. Over the years, they've introduced all these unnecessary bells and whistles: hidden immunity idols, redemption islands and reward challenges fit for a king. I can still (vaguely) remember Jenna Morasca giving up immunity when tempted with (literally) a spoonful of peanut butter with flies all over it. Even on the reunion show, when they showed clips from Season 1, it brought back memories of when Survivor was less of a glitzy TV brand, and more of a reality competition set in the wilderness.

What ever happened to stuff like that?!

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