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My thought - such as it is - is that John & Kritter are about to go at it (I can't even think of using "have sex" or "kiss" or even "make out" without wanting to wretch at the notion) and Kritter lets her heart (she has one...like the Grinch heart that was 10 sizes too small) get the better of her & backs off. She then tells John that Brady is planning on adopting a child, John gets wigged out & takes off (which would co-incide with Drake being benched AGAIN) for wherethehellever. Mar - in the meantime - finds the pic of Kritter with Sy & puts 2 and 2 together. She won't confront Brady cause he won't believe her (and it would make sense...) so she confronts Kritter & the two of them scrap over it all. It won't matter if Marlena loses the picture or if someone takes it - she'll have figured it out by then. I'm just THRILLED that this storyline is FINALLY making some progress. :popcorn: I've had about enough of the Sami show for one year. Deidre, Drake, Eileen and Eric have all been just nailing their scenes with all of this - they all proved you really can make a silk purse from a sows ear. :applause:

Oh, and PandaPanda's comment about Maggie taking Gaby's baby? BRILLIANCE!!! :roflol:
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