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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepI'mIn several months there will be a scene that's supposed to undo everything we've seen the last few months, and they'll go back to being the happiest little couple in the world. We've seen this a million times. If ED is still around then, Kristen will probably officiate their 12 millionth wedding.
Care to shed some light on this gem? PLEASE?! :hail: :thanks: :pray:
No, lol. I have no knowledge. I'm basing that on history.
A while back, didn't one of the actors tweet about some big celebration going on that included Doug and Julie and people were speculating what event could bring so many various characters together? I said at the time it was probably Marlena and John remarrying after their divorce and was hit with they can't get divorce because they aren't married. Well know we know how that fact was ignored. And I still think it's Marlena and John's wedding that everyone is gathered for.
Wasn't Kristen in those pics? I'm trying to remember who was in the pics Deidre deleted off her Facebook page. If it were a John/Marlena wedding, I doubt Kristen would be there. I can't see Tomlin making a big to-do about anything related to Jarlena getting back together, TBQH.
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