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May 16 2013, 02:34 PM
I got this from Soap Opera Digest regarding Will/Sonny/Gabi/Nick for next week.The week opens with Jensen taking Nick and Gabi to Smith Island where he ties them up.He also horrifies Nick by alluding to what really happened to Nick in prison.Blake Brerris(Nick) says Nick's main priority in this situation is making sure Gabi and the baby stay safe.He adds that Nick wants to keep Jensen from revealing what happened to Nick in prison because it's something Nick can't face or thinks he can't.Meanwhile Will and Sonny figure out Jensen took Nick and Gabi to the island.They try to make a rescue.Blake reveals that Will and Sonny untie Gabi but Jensen is on his way back.Sonny takes off with Gabi while Will stays behind with Nick.Wil hides when Jensen returns.Sonny and Gabi end up in a shed where Gabi goes into labor.Sonny struggles to help Gabi but to his relief she delivers a baby girl.Freddie Smith(Sonny) reveals the experience makes Sonny and Gabi bury the hatchet with each other at least for now.Back in Salem Hope is on the hunt for Nick and Gabi's whereabouts.She turns to Vargas for help who directs her to Smith Island.Back on the hiding Will listens as Jensen talk about the awful things Nick went through in prison Will tries to rescue Nick while Jensen is gone but he is shot in the process.Blake says Will getting shot is the worst possible outcome besides Gabi or the baby getting hurt.He adds that Will getting shot affects Nick because after everything he said and did to demean and sabotage Will Will tries to save him and is shot for his troubles.He adds that it's as emotionally crippling for Nick as anything can be.Blake says the whole thing throws Nick's identity upside down and he no longer has any clear sense of who he is.As Will's life hangs in the balance his and Gabi's baby also has an unexpected health crisis.

The bold part is a relief of sort. Still don't trust the writers. I don't want to see Sonny turned to Will 2.0 for Princess can't do wrong.
So Nick gets upset that Will was shot trying to save him... Is this the point in the story when the writers try to redeem Nick? We are supposed to feel bad for him after we hear what he went through in prison and then start liking him again because he may come to his senses at least a little bit. I don't care if he decides to let Will reclaim his rights to his daughter, he will still be a douche. I'm sure he'll find a way to make Gabi feel sorry for him and she'll stick around.

Also, I am beyond pissed that Gabi's secret still hasn't come out. Are the gunna make us wait til November sweeps? This is getting ridiculous. And since it hasn't even been brought up lately, I don't see the truth coming out any time soon.
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